Ecco l’occasione per mamme, nonne e tate per trovarsi insieme per un caffè e quattro chiacchiere, mentre i piccoli giocano tranquillamente.

Inoltre, l’opportunità per grandi e piccini di imparare l’inglese divertendosi!

Giorno da stabilire.

Di seguito abbiamo inserito un brevissimo video dei nostri momenti di musica insieme.

Dear English speaking mums, join us with your little one every Thursday morning for a coffee and a chat.

Role play accessories, soft animals, building blocks, toy cars, puzzles, books and much more placed in an environment created especially for children ages 0 to 4, ensure that our little ones are happily entertained in total safety.

Communication in English, nursery rhymes and relaxing fun activities make this appointment a good way to nurture the use of the English language both for adults and young ones.

The day is yet to be confirmed.

Here below the link to a sample of our casual singing times …